Sales up , budget down.

India, ranked second in the world with approximately 460 Million people having an online presence. You are losing out on an enormous set of probable clientele if your business doesn’t have a website and/or social media presence in India.  Digital Marketing is now the most efficient and preferred medium to reach out to customers and thus increase sales.  A strong Digital Marketing strategy can work like Elixir for your business. With an astonishing ROI, Digital Marketing can magically make figures like Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)/Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) or Ratio of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) to CAC (LTV:CAC) make you smile.

Visibility, the right kind!!

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The digital world is both big and confusing and the task of reaching the right people at the right place is a very challenging one.  In order to get noticed, just having a website is not enough. You need the right content at the right place. With the right content and tools like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM  (Search Engine Marketing) and Social Media marketing, DigitalElixir can increase traffic on your website and ensure the right kind of customers are getting your message.

Communication is the key.

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One of the key factors in the success of all major brands is listening to what your customers have to say. The top businesses across the world are spending top dollar to reach out and hear Voice of the customer. By the right blend of Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing you can have your customers Blogging/Sharing/Liking/Reposting your content.

By engaging the customer using multiple channels and at different stages of the customer lifecycle, your business can benefit enormously. Not only to generate interest from new customers, existing customers can also be reached by the effective implementation of Email Marketing strategy.

Traffic, No Traffic?

Already have a website, But no traffic!! This a very common predicament that a lot of businesses find themselves in. An engaging website with the right mix of optimized content can do wonders for you.  A solid digital marketing strategy can be the Elixir that your business is longing for. Our team of dedicated Digital marketers, with the unending list of tools and tricks have the capability to breath life into your business.


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